Effective Wicker Chair Cleaning Methods


One of the most important things to know about a wicker chair is how to clean them. One of the first things a person should do is to vacuum off all of the dust. This will allow you to begin the next step of the process. People should use a duster in order to get the best results. The next step is to get a paint brush and then cut the bristles. Then take the paint brush and use it to clean the surface so that it gets rid of all the debris. The next step is to get some water and soap. The type of soap doesn’t really matter.

Something like safeguard or dove will do just fine. Take the soap and water and scrub the entire wicker chair down. It is important that you dry off the wicker chair once you are finished. This will decrease the chances that it will deform the chair or discolor it. Some people like to set the wicker chair in the sun for a bit in order to speed up the entire process. The choice is entirely up to the person. If there is mold on the chair, water and bleach should be used. These are great in getting rid of mold, which can accumulate over time.

In order to prevent mold from accumulating, the wicker chairs should not be left out in the rain. More often times than not, the weather elements are the reason why the wicker chairs accumulate mold. This can all be circumvented by keeping the chairs inside when they are not in use.

All of these things should be considered when cleaning a wicker chair. These steps will help make the process of cleaning the chairs easier, and can help minimize damage that might happen if people take the wrong steps.