Taking a nice, relaxing shower is a favorite pastime amongst many people. Although a very pleasant experience, long showers are actually detrimental to the world water supply and should be avoided at all costs. Here are a few simple tips on how to ensure your showers do not run over the recommended time.

Be Quick, Don’t Linger
One of the most basic tips for making sure your showers are not too long is to not linger around in the shower. This includes playing in the water, standing under the falling water, or even going over your day while in the shower. By not lingering in the shower, you are sure to cut back on shower time.

Cold Showers
An extreme way of contributing to the conservation of water and energy is by taking cold showers. Hot water uses a lot of energy and hot showers cause people to stay longer in the shower, thus using more water. By showing with cold water less energy is used and it will prevent you from staying too long.

Don’t Do Everything In the Shower
Many people like to do everything at once while in the shower. Although a time-saving practice, doing too many things in the shower drags out the time you spend under the water. By simply sticking to shower activities while having the water running, you are sure to use less water.

Use a Timer
Many of us have all the intentions to take quick showers. Without knowing exactly how long you are in the shower, it is hard to tell if it has been too long or just enough time. Set a timer for yourself that will go off and warn you when your showers are taking longer than normal. If you don’t have a timer, you can also use a radio and shower the length of one or two songs.