The Best Wall Colors for the Bedroom

painting bedroom

Choosing the perfect color for a bedroom wall can a difficult job. This is the room that you will spend more time in than any other in your, even if you will be asleep for much of it. Having wall colors that you like is important. Just as important, however, is choosing colors that are relaxing. The following choices make excellent colors for a relaxing and good looking bedroom.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors, such as off white or cream, or darker shades like sandy colors or gray, can be very soothing. This has made them a very trendy color for bedrooms over the last few years. Adding an earthy tone to these colors can make them even more soothing. Neutral colors also offer versatility in choosing and changing decor, because they match with almost any color imaginable.


Blues have always been a popular choice for bedrooms. Light and pastel shades of blue provide a sense of peace and openness that other colors do not. Blue works well for people who want a relaxing color that is versatile enough to go with many colors of decor as well. It is very similar to neutral colors, but the color within it provides some extra life to the room if neutral colors might be too boring.

Greens and Browns

These colors have also gained in popularity over the last few years. It is important to remember not to go too deep or bold when choosing these colors. Choosing a faded brown or olive green can be a great option. These colors are soothing but add more color to the room than blues or neutrals while not being too overpowering. One popular trend when using these colors is mixing them. Painting one wall a shade of brown and the others with an earthy toned green is a great way to bring a sense of being outdoors right into your bedroom.

Warm Colors

Warm colors can give people who like a lot of color in their rooms all the color they want. Again, it is important to not get colors that are too overwhelming. These colors may also make small bedrooms look even smaller. However, they also make a room look brighter and more cozy. Pale yellows and coral or peach colors are the most popular warm colors in bedrooms. However, if you really want a darker red or orange, consider painting half the walls in the room white to minimize the impact.