Modern Rustic Living Room

It may be easier than you imagine to create a decor that is warm, inviting, simplistic and slightly sophisticated using elements from two seemingly opposite decorating styles. Rustic-modern apartment decor ideas involve a combination of complementary colors, textures and design elements.

Earth-tone colors that are often found in rustic decors attractively complement the stainless steel appliances typically used in a modern kitchen. Including a wooden table with a simplistic design featuring defined edges paired with armless chairs or possibly wooden benches would be ideal for a modern apartment.

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A rustic-modern living room could feature neutral colors on the wall. Textured upholstery, rugs and pillows in colors such as orange, green or brown will help create the decor you are striving for. Rustic tables and simplistic lamps placed beside of modern designed chairs will add visual interest to the room.

You can actually included some distressed wood accent pieces in the bathroom to create a unique decor that marries rustic and modern. Rustic lighting is also a feature to consider adding to the bathroom.

In the bedroom, mix in some rustic furniture with your platform bed and add some vintage bedding accessories to create a warm, cozy, simplistic decor.

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