Prepara Pop Savor

prepara pop savor

The Prepara Pop Savor is more like a savior. Combining the perfect fusion of aesthetics and function, this winning design impresses with its look and its usefulness. The Prepara Pop Savors are indispensable for at-hand conveniences, as they open and close with the flick of a finger. The ceramic base with integrated silicone ‘pop’ top, protect the contents from contamination or moisture. Each Pop Savor comes with a coupled measuring spoon so you can easily measure out your salt, sugar, spices, cheese, nuts, really anything that you can fit into a 1 cup volume. Throw away your plastic wrap and start saving your leftovers in this brilliant design which is a true revolution in storage convenience!

Modern Stacking Towers

modern stacking towers

Characterized by a slightly futuristic elegance, these modern stacking towers known as Round Componibili have a lasting appeal and continue to fit into any space, whether it’s the Museum of Modern Art to a child’s bedroom. Componibili modern stacking modules are playful, instantly recognizable and as practical today as they were when they were first introduced into the design world.

LumiSource Boom Cube

lumisource boom cube

Equal parts of fun leisure time and practicality, the LumiSource Boom Cube is an interactive multimedia ottoman. It is the ultimate add-on accessory for game systems, home theater, MP3 players and more. Immerse yourself in sound as you interact with every crash and explosion! It also opens to reveal ample storage inside.

Copper Small Drawer Storage

copper small drawer storage

This small drawer storage cabinet comes from the Hobart Cabinet Company. I like all of their cabinets, and you can use them for whatever suits your fancy. This Copper Small Drawer Storage is sold as a gardening storage cabinet, but can be used for many different things. It’s a truly timeless piece of organizational furniture, blending in beautifully with your surroundings and somehow looking new and yet a bit weathered at the same time. Each storage system is Copper and comes with an optional top.

Arts & Crafts Organizer

arts crafts organizer

This storage cabinet is going on my Christmas holiday wish list. If arts and crafts are important in your household, then you know that the storage of it is just as important. Store all your arts and crafts, fabrics, supplies, paints, you name it. This arts and crafts organizer is available in two great finishes, Metallic Copper or Blue Shimmer. To top it off, this organizer features a large work surface with soft, easy-grip handles. Go for the optional rolling base and you’ve got one great mobile arts and crafts organizer.

Kartell Optic Storage Cube

kartell optic storage cube

Made in Italy and available in one opaque and five transparent colors, the Optic storage cube is a very cool, and very modern container designed for a stunning visual impact. Made entirely out of PMMA, the glossy, faceted surfaces of the Optic Storage Cube are decorated with square-based pyramids, evoking the features of a precious gem. A 16″ cube, the Optic Storage Cube is available either with one open side or with a small door and comes in six color options.

white rattan basket sideboard

Constructed of MDF with solid rubber wood cutting board, this rattan trash bin has three wicker drawers to the side and comes with a cutting board. You’ll be able to match your kitchen’s decor with this unit in one of three colors. The trash bin door is designed to use thirteen gallon trash bags. This great looking piece will give you more storage and workspace in your kitchen, its a great extra storage idea.

Espresso Four Section Storage Shelf

espresso 4 section storage shelf

Looking for some great-looking storage solution for your living space? The Espresso Four Section Storage Shelf has a smooth, sleek, classic, sturdy design, and this sophisticated-looking shelving unit fulfills both style and functional requirements in your home. Its four sections hold the Espresso Small Storage Basket perfectly, which is a great way to store all types of items in a discreet and charming storage unit.

100% Natural Storage Baskets

natural storage baskets

Handmade from environmentally friendly materials over a metal frame for integrated strength, this handmade set of organic storage baskets are versatile enough for general storage purposes in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, play rooms, etc. This basket is a great looking and eco-friendly addition to any green-minded home. The handmade liner is made of natural organic cotton and is removable and washable.

Black Sonoma Cubbie Storage Bench


Constructed from durable laminated composite woods, this practical Black Sonoma Cubbie Storage Bench is well suited for any front hallway or mud room. Under the bench are three storage compartments which are ideal for storing blankets, shoes, baskets and books. Brushed nickel knobs give this Black Sonoma Cubbie Storage Bench a simple look without compromising sophistication.