Solar Bug Killer Light

solar bug killer light

Westinghouse Lighting Corporation offers the widest range of solar lighting products available from a single source. This Solar Bug Killer Light has a black finish and a durable plastic housing. It switches to solar light or bug killer UV light, and can accommodates one natural white LED bulb and one UV amber LED bulb.

Solar Lamp with Torch and Radio

solar lamp with torch and radio

This advanced Solar Lamp with Torch and Radio will recharge every day with the power of the sun and be ready to light up your evenings. This solar lamp is durable and technologically advanced and it includes extra features like upper torch for reading, radio and PL lamp with light output of up to 3.5 hours. It even comes with an AC/DC adapter that will charge the rechargeable battery at home at night.

super slim solar charged garden light

Save money by using free energy from the sun! The Super Slim Solar Charged Garden Light has a frim construction designed for safety and full illumination of pathways and steps. With just two hours of solar charging will keep it illuminated all night. The Solar Charged Garden Lights charge by day and automatically turns on at night. There’s no special wiring needed and the solar lights comes= with hardware and installation instructions for ground, rail and fence installation.

Black Solar Spot Light

black solar spot light

These black Solar Spot Lights give you and your home an affordable way to add light and beauty to your garden or walkway. These black solar spot lights are ideal for any of your home’s exterior areas thanks to their adjustable head lights. These solar powered spot lights are the most simple way to add illumination to your home or garden.

reactor solar backpack

Available in black and gray, advantage timber, blue and gray, or tan, this cool backpack has all the traits of a quality backpack with a smart, effective solar charging module. The Reactor Solar Backpack has multiple pockets for your cell phone, PDA, GPS unit, iPod, and laptop computer. The back cavity houses a laptop sleeve that can be removed when extra space and lighter weight is needed. The integrated solar charging module can be utilized by using a common 12V automotive charging adapter made specifically for the brand and type of personal electronics you own.

Solar Powered Clock

solar powered clock

This modernly designed solar powered clock is as practical and attractive as it is eco-friendly. With a clever and simple solar panel on its front, this solar clock is a long way from the earlier days of solar technology that you had to hold under a bright light to use. As well as being fully functional this cool timepiece has a clean and simple design that lets you stand it up whichever way you want.

Solio Solar Charger

solio charger

Draw on free energy from the sun and charge a range of gadgets, PDAs and mobile phones. One hour of sun will let you play your iPod for about an hour. When fully charged your Solio stores enough power to charge a typical cell phone or an iPod Nano at least two times. It works by absorbing power from either the wall socket or the sun, storing the energy in an internal battery. It takes about 8 hours of sunlight.

Solar Umbrella

solar umbrella

This Solar Umbrella has 24 LED lights embedded into the inner upper poles in a unique patented construction, and the solar panel is mounted on top of the canopy, removing the need for extra wiring. The Solar Umbrella brings a soft and warm glow to your outdoor evenings once the sun has gone down. It uses rechargeable batteries to hold the day’s solar reserves.

Nomad Solar Bike Bag

solar bike bag

The Nomad Solar Bike Bag will keep your cell phone or other small electronic device (iPod, GPS unit) charged while you go for a ride. The bag has an integrated flexible solar panel that provides power to trickle charge your cell phone or iPod. The Nomad solar bicycle bag mounts to a standard rear bicycle rack and has a large main compartment, side pockets, and a rear pocket for carrying all of your other gear too.

Solar Garden Gnome

solar garden gnome

Garden Gnomes make great gifts because they are truly a hilarious vintage style gift that no one can resist. Garden gnomes are pretty cute and they seem to convey deep emotions as they watch over your perennials and tomato plants. Nature-lovers by nature, gnomes believe they are responsible for the earth, therefore, they care and nurture all living things with heartfelt dedication. This one is cool because it has a solar-powered lantern. He’s truly dedicated to sustainable energy sources! What a gnome!!