Foscarini Bubble Pendant Light

foscarini bubble pendant light

In a previous post I had said that I am crazy about all kinds of modern lighting these days. I love modern lighting because it can look both modern looking and vintage at the same time, can act as a sculpture or accessory, and delivers amazing ambience. Foscarini seems to have figured all of this out. This Foscarini Bubble pendant Light is constructed of six diffusers which are attached at a common point, this fixture literally becomes a 360 degree sphere of light. It’s circular shapes are inspired by the 70’s. This fixture is ideal for large rooms and compliments any contemporary space. Love it!

Modern Agatha Suspension Lamp

modern agatha suspension lamp

The ultra cool modern Agatha Suspension Lamp has been seen in some of the swankiest rooms in the world. The suspension pendant whose shape springs from the concentric super-imposition of a triangular-shaped modular base is constructed from wood veneers and available in American white , Beech, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, and my favourite Grey.

George Kovacs Clear Pendant Lamp

george kovacs clear pendant lamp

We love these George Kovacs lighting options from The Soft Collection. This one features a clear pendant lamp with a clear/light blue glass shade. Its sleek and creative design offers a modern alternative to boring, traditional lighting. No matter where you place this George Kovacs Clear Pendant Lamp, you will constantly be in awe of it.

Artecnica Multicolor Hanging Light

artecnica multicolor hanging light

Hand crafted in Brazil, this playful Multicolour Hanging Light is a lyrical reinterpretation of a chandelier. This chandelier-like structure is a handcrafted concoction of crocheted cotton, organza, silk and fabric flowers, casting a dramatic and mysterious glow when lit. Also of note, the Artecnica Multicolour Hanging Light is produced through Coopa-Roca, a women’s cooperative based in Rio de Janiero’s largest shantytown, employing humanitarian values and artisan production methods consistent with Artecnica’s Design With Conscience campaign. By using their homes as workshops, cooperative members earn a living while tending to their children and other domestic responsibilities.

Artecnica Midsummer Light

artecnica midsummer light

The Midsummer Light from Artecnica will add an enchanting glow to any room. Designed by Tord Boontje, this light is anything but ordinary and will make a dramatic and feminine statement in any room. Available in four colors, this lamp is a one-of-a-kind design. This Pendant LIght has received multiple design awards and has been featured in countless leading publications. The Midsummer Light is destined to become a design classic.

Le Klint Pendant Light

le klint pendant light

The Le Klint Pendant Light is an excellent example of modern lighting that anyone could love, could be put in any room, and would be cherished for generations to come. This is simply a fantastic piece of Danish design. Suited for anyone’s home and will be most welcome in any room of your home. Classic design and an attention to detail make this Le Klint Pendant Light impossible to pass up.

Mio Bendant Lamp

mio bendant lamp

The Mio Bendant Lamp welcomes the user as co-creator and designer. This modern pendant light is a flat-packed chandelier composed of a series of leaf-like shades surrounding a central fixture. Bend the shades up or down and create unique light and shadow arrangements. Environmentally preferable finish, recycled content and recyclable!

Ribbon Pendant

ribbon pendant

Can lighting be sophisticated and feminine, as well as sexy? If you’re talking about The Dress Collection designed by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laubis, then the answer is yes. This gorgeous Ribbon Pendant lighting fixture is composed by a delicate metallic structure hand-wrapped with a satin ribbon. It truly is exquisite. Discerning fashionistas and style mavens everywhere will approve.

Hanging Jewels Pendant

hanging jewels pendant

Completely unique and eclectic looking, this Hanging Jewels Pendant light reminds me of a crown of jewels. Look again and the hanging pendants look like fancy toothbrushes! or spoons! I can definitely see the Italian design influence in this Hanging Jewels Pendant light and I can see this pendant light in a home where humour and happiness is an everyday occurrence.

Modern Mirrored Glass Pendant Light

modern mirrored glass pendant light

Sometimes choosing innovative materials such as stone, bamboo or silk, these choices are a result of a very clear philosophy: these creations are never casual, nor simply follow the rules of the market. This stunning Modern Mirrored Glass Pendant Light is no exception. The result is an elegant and extensive collection made up of objects that are suited to a range of environments from minimalist homes that need a strong decorative element, to offices and home offices that require effective, elegant lighting.