Rustic Lanterns

Those seeking to provide lighting to their backyard may have fallen in love with the rustic-modern appearance of outdoor lighting fixtures. Whether you’re in search of smaller fixtures that light a patio or walkway on the back of your home, or you’re in search of lamp post-styled fixtures to provide light within the backyard, finding lighting that suits you is important.

For lighting around the back of the home, a lighting fixture styled after a lantern is a very common and popular choice. These types of rustic lighting fixtures come in a variety of shapes and size. They also range from simplistic design to intricate etched-glass fixtures that provide a wonderful and soft light for back porches, patios and backyards.

Rustic-modern Outside String Lamps

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Foscarini Bubble Pendant Light

foscarini bubble pendant light

In a previous post I had said that I am crazy about all kinds of modern lighting these days. I love modern lighting because it can look both modern looking and vintage at the same time, can act as a sculpture or accessory, and delivers amazing ambience. Foscarini seems to have figured all of this out. This Foscarini Bubble pendant Light is constructed of six diffusers which are attached at a common point, this fixture literally becomes a 360 degree sphere of light. It’s circular shapes are inspired by the 70’s. This fixture is ideal for large rooms and compliments any contemporary space. Love it!

Qua Foscarini Wall and Ceiling Light

qua foscarini wall and ceiling light

I’m crazy about all kinds of modern lighting these days. Everywhere I go, I’m thinking about lighting and how important it is. Most times, if you just spend money on lighting, it’s all you really need. The Qua collection from Foscarini features very cool wall and ceiling lights. The unique shape of these wall and ceiling lights is unlike anything else you have seen and will bring the perfect contemporary addition to your home.

Kartell Toobe Lamp

kartell toobe lamp

Always on the look-out for cool modern desk lamps, the Kartell Toobe Lamp deliversin this department. Having the distinction of being the first floor lamp for Kartell, its origins lie in the notion that a single tube could function as either a table lamp or a floor lamp, depending on the length. Available in five transparent color options as either a table lamp or a floor lamp, the line of the Toobe is clean and modern, making it easy to match with other furnishings. Pieces like this are cool because while they are investment pieces, they serve multiple functions as well.

Smoon Sensitive Lamp

smoon sensitive lamp

Made in France, the Smoon Sensitive Lamp is the perfect modern lamp you’ve been looking for. Just touch smoon and it lights up giving a soft and warm light, as moonlight…the Smoon Sensitive Lamp is perfect for a bedroom or a bathroom. Its low tension electricity supply allows it to be used with total safety even when touched with water. It has other cool features like being unbreakable, comes with a charger and available in several colours.

Teepee Accent Lamp

teepee accent lamp

Featuring two types of light beams, according to the positioning of the light source at the peak of the lamp. The Iota Accent Lamp is ideal for reading, as one of the beams is a direct source of medium flood light. The second light beam is an indirect form of light that filters through Iota’s triangular-shaped lamp body. The snow-colored body is finished in a beautiful opal white, and the adjustable peak is available in black, silver grey, and blue grey. Heat-resistant.

Smoon Eco-Friendly Light

smoon eco friendly light

I just discovered Smoon lighting. Here is a product description written by them: “Like the moon, a natural source of nocturnal light, Nomad smoon is mobile”. I couldn’t have said that better myself. The Smoon eco-friendly light works like a mobile phone. When charged it works for 6 to 8 hours, wherever you wish, from your living room to your terrace even in your swimming pool. Yes – IN your swimming pool! Smoon is sensitive, too. To switch it on or off, just touch it. Smoon is unbreakable. LED light lifetime is about 20 years.

Norm 03 Lamp

norm 03 lamp

The recipient of many design awards, the Norm 03 Lamp has been meticulously constructed for your enjoyment. Made of non flammable plastic, the uniqueness of this product is that it comes in 39 pieces that anyone can assemble without the use of any tools or glue.

A little tip: Use a semi-mirrored light bulb and you will see a beautiful play-of-light on every surface!

Kartell FL/Y Suspension Lamp

kartell fly suspension lamp

Made in all the colors of the rainbow, the unique shape of the Kartell FL/Y Suspension Lamp is designed to catch the most light. What’s more, the special transparency of the material and the gloss of the colors bring to mind a soap bubble, incandescent with reflections of light. They look great individually but are suitable for hanging in groups of three or more to emphasize delicate color variations.

Minimal Cube Light

minimal cube light

The saying “Less is more” is something I definitely believe in. This Minimal Cube Light is a perfect example of that as it modest and simple design can accentuate any room in small but significant ways. The Minimal Cube Light is perfect if your room needs that extra little something, or this could make a great gift idea for all occasions. Designed by Arturo Alvarez this cube light is available in a variety of finishes.