Espresso Cup and Saucer

espresso cup and saucer

Dazzle your guests with this beautiful Espresso Cup and Saucer that is made with porcelain and glass and patterned on both sides with intricate and refined dreamscape graphics. These colorful set in fine porcelain have had the patterns burned and glazed three times which make them completely dishwasher and microwave safe. The Espresso Cup and Saucer was part of a collection that won an IF Product Design Award in 2006 and is renowned for its unique and delicate designs. The set comes in blue, red and grey.

Mini Herb Savor

mini herb savor

If you’re like me and have a tendency to kill plants, the Mini Herb Savor might be just the savior you’re looking for. The mini herb savor can keep your herbs fresh for up to three weeks and it fits perfectly in your refrigerator door. The herb savor works by keeping the herb stems slightly submerged in water, and this it the key to keeping things fresh. You can also use this product to keep asparagus celery fresh too. Get more life out of your herbs with the Mini Herb Savor!

Prepara Pop Savor

prepara pop savor

The Prepara Pop Savor is more like a savior. Combining the perfect fusion of aesthetics and function, this winning design impresses with its look and its usefulness. The Prepara Pop Savors are indispensable for at-hand conveniences, as they open and close with the flick of a finger. The ceramic base with integrated silicone ‘pop’ top, protect the contents from contamination or moisture. Each Pop Savor comes with a coupled measuring spoon so you can easily measure out your salt, sugar, spices, cheese, nuts, really anything that you can fit into a 1 cup volume. Throw away your plastic wrap and start saving your leftovers in this brilliant design which is a true revolution in storage convenience!

simplehuman Modern Dishrack

simplehuman modern dishrack

The simplehuman Modern Dishrack is a new and improved design that is sure to make doing dishes a lot easier. With spaces to separate your knives properly and keep them shielded and plenty of room for cups, the simplehuman modern dishrack has created small innovative design solutions that make a big difference. Made with rust-proof high grade stainless steel and white ABS plastic, the modern dishrack will prevent your dishes from chipping and it’s also dishwasher safe.

Teak Lazy Susan

teak lazy susan

The Teak Lazy Susan makes entertaining a breeze. Not only does it serve a great purpose, it looks great doing it! The stainless steel and teak wood perfectly compliment each other and is suitable for commercial and residential use. Entertain in style with the Equinox Teak Lazy Susan.

alessi magic bunny toothpick holder

Award winning and world renowned designer, Stefano Giovannoni is known for perfecting the necessary symbiotic relationship between aesthetic and functional design. Here Giovannoni has created a truly interesting and humorous piece entitled the “Magic Bunny” toothpick holder. The Alessi Magic Bunny Toothpick Holder is a very unique device, all you need to do is pull up on the bunny’s ears to make the toothpicks appear like magic from the top hat. Never again will you ever fear knocking over the container of toothpicks as this magic bunny toothpick holder is spill proof. Available in four different colors.

Modern Finger Food Set

modern finger food set

This is a great dish that is perfect for dinner parties and holiday gatherings. Made of porcelain and stainless steel, this Modern Finger Food Set helps bring everything together. Let guests choose from five porcelain bowls on one tray while adding an individual style to the atmosphere.

Home Juicer

home juicer

Take this juicer home and reap the benefits of fresh squeezed juice available whenever you want. This Home Juicer’s Internationally acclaimed design has a chrome top and handle, stainless steel cone and funnel and can leverage up to 600 pounds of pressure!

Cuisinart Programmable Coffeemaker

cuisinart programmable coffeemaker

Wake up in the morning to a steaming, fresh hot cup of coffee! This Cuisinart Programmable Coffeemaker has a simple press to serve lever that delivers up to 12 cups of hot coffee, cup by cup, from a double-wall reservoir. The exclusive Coffee Gauge on the front of the unit counts down the cups remaining. With 24-hour programmability, auto shutoff, professional brushed metal housing, and clean, contemporary styling, this is one of the easiest and most elegant coffeemakers on the market.

Complete Egg Cup Set

complete egg cup set

A complete egg cup set design for the soft boiled egg enthusiast! Featuring salt and spoons, cups and a tray to hold it all in a stylish presentation, this is the complete way to eat the soft boiled egg right! Very creative gift!