Kikkerland Mouse Pad

kikkerland mouse pad

This is one the coolest mouse pad’s around. Available in a variety of styles, designs and colours these products make perfect gifts, for anyone, and any budget. The Kikkerland Mouse Pad is a part of the Accessories Collection by Kikkerland, who has products designed compactly to suit traveling or they can be used to decorate the office.

kikkerland automobile nail clipper

We think this is the best use of design that we’ve seen in awhile. Fun AND practical, the Kikkerland Automobile Nail Clipper has an adjustable taper control and get this, an “Electro magnetic motor for increased power and cutting”. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m sure it works really well. This stainless steel Automobile Nail Clipper is part of the Accessories Collection by Kikkerland.

eco friendly wine stem markers

I was at a party this weekend and I really could have used one of these wine stem markers. Incredibly simple and innovative, these food-safe translucent silicone stem markers help keep track of your glass while you imbibe. Each pack of six comes in retro or solid colors. Forgot your color? No worries. Use a ballpoint pen to scribble your name, initials or the type of wine you’re drinking. Wipe with a damp cloth and reuse. The storage box fits cleverly on the neck of a wine bottle making it a perfect gift to be remembered even after the wine is gone.

Modern-twist products share a common goal in respecting the environment, workers and consumers. With a steadfast commitment to making goods for a more sustainable world, Modern-twist donates a percentage of the proceeds of all products to environmentally & socially conscious organizations.

Stainless Steel Key Organizer

stainless steel key organizer

The perfect accessory for any home or office, this stainless steel Key Organizer will keep you organized and always knowing where your keys are. Whether you slide your key through the opening or leave it in the drop tray, keeping them in order will become a cinch!

herman miller limited edition walnut tops

These Herman Miller Limited Edition Walnut Tops are definitely not the tops that you’re used to. This tops are beautifully sculpted and exquisitely designed. Made of solid walnut and each created with its own personality, they are as much art as they are toys. The Herman Miller Limited Edition Walnut Tops would make excellent gifts for the avid toy collector or for the kid at heart. The set includes three spinning tops and is available with three distinctly sculpted profiles.

Kartell La Bohème Stool

kartell la boheme stool

Famed designer Phillipe Starck and Kartell have come together to form the exquisite La Bohème Stools, which draw their inspiration from the curves of vases. The Kartell La Bohème Stool is made of polycarbonate, which is very durable, and functional enough to seat people indoor or out. Available in six vivid colors, the Kartell La Bohème Stool is a perfect way to add charm to the garden, balcony, kitchen, or living room.

Uovo Table Lamp

uovo table lamp

Featuring a satin, white blown glass diffuser on top of a white-painted metal, this Uovo Table Lamp is a great little lighting fixture that has a soft egg-style shape. The Uovo Table Lamp gives off the perfect ambient light for any room and one of the best features it boasts is a dimmer. I personally love dimmers because I like to match the amount of light in a room to my mood. With this Uovo Table Lamp you can do just that and create the perfect atmosphere. The Uovo Table Lamp is available in three different sizes.

Alessi Wire Fruit Basket

alessi wire fruit basket

This ultra modern take on the fruit basket will certainly catch some eyes with its aerodynamic shape. The Alessi Wire Fruit Basket plays with movement in form and its sleek appeal will make a wonderful addition to your kitchen decor. The Alessi Wire Fruit Basket is perfect for holding fruit, bread or biscuits. Made of stainless steel, this attractive food basket will last for years to come.

Modern Bathroom Collection

modern bathroom collection

This Modern Bathroom Collection is an inspired design that pays attention to the influence of thick-skinned elephants and their good characteristics of sensitivity, strength, and friendliness. The designer has a lot of fun with this collection and creates something special and uniquely his own. The Modern Bathroom Collection comes with a tumbler, toothbrush container, soap dish, and three multi-purpose containers with lids and a wall hook.

Modern Door Stop

modern door stop

I think people tend to forget how useful door stops can be. So to find one that has been expertly designed and also looks great, causes me to celebrate. Designed by sculptor turned designer Ed Carpenter, this Modern Door Stop comes in a variety of fun colors and can be a nice little addition to your home. The Modern Door Stop is made from untreated solid European Oak and it is truly one of a kind. Pick up a Modern Door Stop for yourself or for a friend!