Recyclable Chiavari Chair

recyclable chiavari chair

I was first drawn to this chair because of the many colour selections it comes in. Current colours like pastel pink and peach, this is a chair worth having around. This designer chair boasts many features. It’s stackable, has non-marking feet, it’s resistant to impact, scratches and stains, and it’s even comfortable to sit in. Best of all, it’s 100% Recyclable. Eco-friendly + Designer furniture = a sound investment.

Modern Wait Chair

modern wait chair

The Modern Wait Chair was designed in 1997 and is noted for its classic appearance and intended dispenses with modern avant-garde. The Modern Wait Chair is definitely not the type of chair you tuck away in the corner. The chair was also designed with comfort in mind and the monobloc chair is made of polypropylene. The Modern Wait chair is easily stackable and works both indoors and outdoors. The chair comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

Modern Cosmo Dining Chair

modern cosmo dining chair

If you’re looking for the final touches to perfect your cherished dining room, than look no further than the Modern Cosmo Dining Chair. Featuring a gorgeous design and elegant lines on the cushion back and seat, the Modern Cosmo Dining Chair will easily compliment your dining area. The chair has a java finish and is constructed with a solid birch frame. Entertain guests in style with this Modern Cosmo Dining Chair.

Oyster Chair

oyster chair

A favorite chair of the sixties, the Oyster Chair is quite famous amongst chairs. The minimalist chromed metal base makes the wooden seating almost seem like it’s floating. The Oyster Chair is a favorite because of its casual designer sensibility. It not only looks great but it’s super comfy for lounging. Originally designed in 1960, the Oyster Chair was brought back into production in 1999.

Kartell FPE Chair

kartell fpe chair

If you want a chair combined with a piece of art, then the Kartell FPE Chair is just for you. Short for ‘Fantastic Plastic Elastic,’ the Kartell FPE Chair is constructed with a polypropylene body inserted into an aluminum frame, and is attached and curved by a machine. Its standout design will surely enhance any home décor. The Kartell Chair is not only great on the eyes, it’s also sturdy, light and flexible and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. This chair was featured in the Museum of Modern Art and is a true original that embodies utility and beauty.

Kartell Miss Global Chair

kartell miss global chair

For design enthusiasts out there, and for people who like pretty things, the Kartell Miss Global Chair is not your regular old chair. Designed by world-renowned designer Phillipe Starck, the Kartell Miss Global chair focuses on the interplay between thickness and lightness, structural rigidity, and bold eye-catching contrast. The chair is a beautiful fusion of form and function. The Miss Global Chair is a part of the Dr. Glob series which boasts versatility and products that are made to last. The Miss Global Chairs are also stackable up to ten chairs high and are suitable for the outdoors. Made in Italy and available in two colors, the Kartell Miss Global Chair delivers on so many levels.

Moroso O-Nest Armchair

moroso o nest armchair

The O-Nest Armchair, available in a variety of bright colours, completes a wide variety of settings with elegance and a playful dash of fantasy. Drawn from nature the O-Nest Armchair’s enveloping shape is reminiscent of a flowering bush. Beyond the design, nature is at the forefront of function: waterproof and fade-resistant, this durable chair is perfectly at home outside as well as inside.

UltraBellini Chair

ultrabellini chair

Available in six eye-popping different colors, this sleek chair is a versatile chair of profound beauty. This modern chair offers a high degree of comfort for anyone sitting in it. With its high gloss finish and resistant surface this enticing chair will be the talk of your next dinner party. The UltraBellini Chair combines new technology with design.

Kartell Eros Chair

kartell eros chair

The quality and richness of the materials used to make the Kartell Eros Chair make it especially chic, while its overall form is welcoming. Smooth curves and a polished appearance make the Eros Chair a sophisticated element in any room. Available in eight bright colors, the Kartell Eros Chair is flexible enough to function in living rooms, dining rooms, offices or reception areas.

EK Living Struktur Chair

ek living struktur chair

With inspirations ranging from architecture, fine art, furniture, and interior design, and influenced by the styles of great architects and designers of the 1920s and 30s, this design duo also believe strongly in the philosophies of functionalism and minimalism while combining them with the Post-War and Retro styles of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The EK Living Struktur Chair is a very unique chair that is sure to please even the most eclectic of tastes.