Jonathan Adler Flush Mount Light

jonathan adler flush mount light

The Jonathan Adler Flush Mount Light is a one of a kind lighting fixture that’s sure to brighten up your home. This unique and decorative light has a beautiful frosted white shade with a grid-like metal cover finished in a deep patina bronze. The contrast between the white and the bronze create a stunning lighting fixture that will add style and personality to any room. The Jonathan Adler Flush Mount Light is well designed and made with high-quality materials. You can’t really go wrong with this product.

Eco-Friendly Shoji Lanterns


Inlaid with pressed leaves from the beautiful Hong Kong orchid tree, handcrafted mulberry paper is stretched on frames of recycled pine wood and sustainable acacia wood to create these amazing looking ribbed Eco-Friendly Shoji Lanterns. Wired to hold a standard lightbulb, they give off a warm and ambient glow, whether you set them on a table or use them as wall sconces (easily done when hung from the hardware attached to the back of the lanterns.)

XY Decor Florid Pendant Lamp


Available in maple or walnut, this incredibly designed lamp will look fantastic in your home. The FLORID pendant lamp transforms wood veneer scrapings into a showpiece design that is as modern and sophisticated as it is eco-friendly.

Gus Modern Lightbox

gus lightbox

Looks great as a lamp, stool, or accent table – this modern light cube will make a bold statement in your home. Using roto-molded plastic, the designers have created a seamless cube with tons of uses. A stool, an end table or nightstand, or an cool lamp, the Lightbox will add a warm sculptural glow to any space big enough to house a minimalist eighteen inch cube.

Bourgie Table Lamp

kartell bourgie table lamp

The coolest feature of this lamp is that it is made entirely of transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate. In a design sense, it is classic and traditional lamp, and yet, it is an innovative and transparent art piece. The baroque style base is composed of three layers that interconnect, and the large lampshade is make with a plissé effect, to create a range of reflections when the lamp is turned on.

Eclisse Table Lamp and Wall Sconce

artemide eclisse table lamp

Designed by Vico Magistretti, and available in white, orange and metallic silver the Eclisse Table Lamp and Wall Sconce features bedside table standing or wall mounted lighting for direct and diffused incandescent lighting. This modern lamp has an incorporated rotating shield in white lacquered steel which allows for the eclipsing of the light source and the regulation of its light output.

solar string lights

Light up your outdoor spaces with these gorgeous solar powered hand-blown glass string lights. Six lights are crafted from colored and clear hand-blown glass and the details adorn a clear wire. The string lights come with six high powered LED lights and copper hanging hooks. The hand-crafted Aurora Glow solar string lights are perfect for an outdoor room or underneath an umbrella! Equipped with a photo light sensor, the lights will turn themselves on at dusk and off at dawn. These lights are totally eco-friendly and sustainable!

Candeloo Eco Light

candeloo eco lights

This pair of friendly and safe Candeloo eco-friendly low energy night lights for kids are the perfect gift. These portable, rechargable lights make the perfect night light for your child’s bedroom. They give 8 hours of soothing light for play or sleep. Reusable and easy to charge – simply place the Candeloo back on their base! The Candeloo light is also cool to the touch. The safe charging system eliminates exposed electrical contacts, so they are safe for little kid hands. The plastic is durable and impact resistant as well.

LED Faucet Light

led faucet light

The Faucet Light can turn a regular old faucet into a streaming crystal blue light source. Just turn on your water and the internal pressure switch activates the light source. Turn off the water and the light goes off. Fun and totally functional in a child’s bathroom, but even better to add a colorful thrill to your wet bar or kitchen sink when you throw a party!

Recycled Bottle Lamp

recycled bottle lamp

Here’s a great gift idea for your favorite beer connoisseur or soda-pop junkie! You can easily create your very own glass bottle lamp by just saving six glass bottles from your favorite brand of soda or beer, make sure they’re clean and dry, and insert them into the wire frame. Makes a recycling gift really easy!