Recycled Eco-Friendly Rustic Christmas Tree

It’s a debate that many families have around the holiday season; which is better for the family Christmas tree, real or fake? Both offer pros and cons but in this instance that opens up both options to preference, as long as you take into consideration some facts and make a commitment to your choice.

Real Christmas Trees

Many don’t realize that real Christmas trees bought from local retailers are in fact a sustainably harvested product. All real Christmas trees carried by retailers are not from virgin forests but rather harvested from tree farms. There is however the major downfall of the fossil fuels consumed to cut these farm trees down and transport them to your local retailer. Then of course, unless you are the previous governor of California, you need to tack on the addition fossil fuels you burn from your home and back. Unless you are driving your fully electric vehicle recharged by renewable energy. Baby steps, I know!

Don’t forget, if you do decide to buy a real Christmas tree make sure you check your city’s tree and post-holiday pickup schedule. You city services will pick your tree up, turn it into wood chips and recycle it as mulch. Wouldn’t you be much happier to know that the tree you spent the holidays with went to gardens versus the landfill?

Fake Trees

Fake trees also have there pros and cons. The cons are in the manufacturing process and the amount of fuel, mainly large amounts of petroleum, used. It’s a large impact at first but overall if you were to buy a fake tree and use it during the next few decades you would be reducing your carbon footprint versus buying a real tree every year. If you decide to go the fake root than be sure to find a tree you like, don’t go buying a new tree each year!

Rustic Recycled Home Made Tree

If you’re feeling crafty and can handle not having the typical green, but rather the real green Christmas tree, than you might consider building your own simple tree from lumber you can recycle. You can see in this post’s image an example, it’s quite simple to find scrap lumber around your home, town, or city and you can make the tree as simple or extravagant as you would like. You can still find ways to hang all your traditional ornaments and will make for a great conversation piece around the fire, just be sure not to keep it too close to the fire! : )