Storage Solutions: Barnwood Blanket Chests

barnwood blanket chest

I am always looking for storage solutions in the bedroom – because I live in an older house, and closet space is limited. Many people I hear from live in small-ish apartments or condos, and this is one of the most common questions/problems I hear about. Where to put all your extra stuff!? Extra stuff certainly takes up lots of room – whether it be extra linens for the guest room, extra towels for the bathroom, seasonal clothing, or kids toys!

As well as serving as a functional piece of furniture, I also require my storage solutions to be aesthetically pleasing – so in my rustic modern home – I use a lot of blanket chests. The name can fool you though, because these chests are great for so much more than just blankets.

I have friends who use these beautiful barn wood blanket chests in the kids room or nursery to store everything – toys, stuffed animals, crib bedding, baby blankets – you name it! And the chests look absolutely beautiful, so your design needs can be met.

In the bedroom of my house, the built-in storage is barely enough for one person’s clothes, let alone two people – so a gorgeous blanket chest at the foot of the bed serves many purposes – a good sturdy one can even serve as a bench to sit on on those lazy mornings when standing to put on your socks seems like too much of a chore. In the chest I store an extra duvet comforter, and a half dozen of my favorite winter sweaters, which normally take up so much of my limited closet space.

So for an easy and affordable (as well as amazingly rustic-looking) storage answer to your space problem, be sure to look for these amazing blanket chests.