Save Space in Style

Eco Friendly Storage Bed

If you’ve ever had to adapt to an urban apartment after living in the comfort and space of a suburban home, you know that today’s apartments aren’t getting any bigger. Not surprising, since we all know that urban density is the way of the future as our cities grow and populations climb.

Fortunately, furniture designers just keep getting smarter, staying ahead of the curve for consumers who seek out those space-savvy products. Storage beds, for example are an excellent start for anyone carefully choosing a few key pieces for a small space.

Platform Storage Bed Options

Basic platform storage beds have an extra couple of drawers built into the frame underneath the mattress. Extra storage within easy reach of your bed could be a great spot for sheets and blankets or sleepwear.

To really maximize your space, choose a tall platform bed with ample drawers. You may even be able to forgo a dresser entirely. Advocates of simpler, minimalist lifestyles may also enjoy the convenience of two pieces of furniture merged into one. Look for storage beds that provide additional capacity with a bookcase headboard.

Eco-friendly Storage Beds

Many people are trimming the amount of furniture and belongings – kept in the bedroom and around the home – for the purposes of becoming more environmentally compatible all around. If this sounds like your lifestyle, you might be interested in an eco-friendly bed.

Beds that use FSC-certified wood, along with other GREENGUARD certified materials and finishes are both responsible and sustainable. In the compact urban spaces described above, choosing furniture made with safe, non-toxic material is more important than ever.

If you want a bedroom with as small a carbon footprint as possible, opting for a sustainably built bed that eliminates the need for an additional dresser is an excellent choice.

Sleek Modern Storage Beds

If the mental image of a storage bed leaves you thinking about student lifestyles, rest assured that many artful contemporary designs fall under the storage category. Drawers with hidden pulls that rest flush with the side panels mean that you can choose a practical bed without compromising on your high standard of personal style.