The Solar Comfort Heating System used 35% less energy than a conventional electric furnace/baseboard system, as proven in a utility’s field test for a full heating season. Calculations show that the Solar Comfort will heat more efficiently than the Heat Pump. When compared with today’s spiraling gas, propane, and fuel oil cost, the Solar Comfort Heating System provides even greater savings.

LOWER OPERATING/MAINTENANCE COST: Virtually maintenance free. No furnace filters to clean or replace. No burners to rust, corrode or adjust. Long- life industrial infrared lamps are replaced easily and inexpensively. A full three-year warranty–including lamps–protects the consumer’s investment. 1-A INSURANCE RATING, The Solar Comfort has lower operating and maintenance costs. There is only one moving part, the fan motor, and is equipped with quality trouble free controls. There are no burners to rust, corrode or adjust; no pilot light to waste energy. Safe, clean, long-life infrared lamps provide the heat energy and are replaced easily and inexpensively. (Average lamp life is 5000+ hours or approximately 3-5 years).

The Solar Comfort is constructed of lifetime metals, copper, galvanized steel and aluminum. The Solar Comfort provides even heat distribution and warmer floors. The Solar Comfort thermostatically controls, circulates and recycles heated air at the floor for maximum use and comfort. The floor to ceiling temperature differential is minor. Solar Comfort zone heating does not remove humidity from the air, it actually helps to maintain humidity levels. Water does not readily condense on windows as with conventional systems. Even heating and humidity provide more comfort at lower heat settings with less static electricity.