Some of the Pros of Solar Rooftops


More consumers are turning to solar power than ever before. This is for a variety reasons, both market-induced and culture-induced. Homeowners who have previously been reluctant to sink precious home repair funds into alternative energy investments are starting to reevaluate their approach. Those that take the plunge, so to speak, soon discover that there are multiple advantages to solar power and specifically to solar rooftop systems. Here are the pros of solar roofing:

It is eco-friendly. You will be fueling much, if not all, of your home’s appliances with clean, renewable energy that produces no pollution or carbon emissions. This means your home will not be spewing out the remains of fossil fuels, coal and natural gas into the atmosphere. It also means you won’t be polluting your own air and water supplies.

It isn’t in the way.As opposed to their awkward ‘panel’ cousins, solar roofing won’t get in your way or make your home look tacky. In fact, unless your neighbors happen to climb up on your roof, they won’t even know your Duro Last system is installed. It’s this aesthetic benefit—coupled with the diversity of color options—that have recently made solar roofing a popular alternative energy option.

You won’t be left in the dark. Ever found yourself lighting candles after a particularly violent thunderstorm? With solar roofing you won’t have to worry about that because your home’s energy is not dependent on electricity. In fact, even if your solar roofing did sustain damage during the storm, you will still have energy saved up. If you work from home often, you should find the security of this reassuring.

It is financially lucrative. Not only will solar power save you money on electrical utilities (about 2.5% annually), a solar-powered roof is a financial investment that will add considerable value to your home. Additionally, you can get cash rebates from utility companies for excess energy and tax rebates from the government. Ultimately, solar roofs will save money and resources for entire cities.

These are all solid reasons to get solar roofing. They encompass environmental considerations, aesthetic considerations, productivity and safety considerations, and (perhaps most important to most consumers) financial considerations. A sea change is happening that will slowly usher in the age of mainstream solar roofs. In the meantime, there are plenty of benefits out there for homeowners who want to make a sound investment.