Wilderness Lodge Fixtures Design

Earlier this year, my family and I had the wonderful experience of visiting Disney World in Florida. We stayed at the lovely Wilderness Lodge for a week, and fell in love with their gorgeously rustic design aesthetic. It got me to thinking about the cottage or cabin that I’d like to own one day, and how I’d like to decorate that space to re-create the feel and look of the Wilderness Lodge.

The interior designers responsible for the vibe of this hotel have paid attention to every detail! Everything from the huge totem poles in the breathtaking lobby, to the little things, like the log beds and the Ranger Chip and Dale characters in the bathroom tiles!

The idea behind the design was to emulate the incredible log cabins found in the American West. Everywhere you look, you’ll see timber pillars, and wonderful collections of Native American art and artifacts. In the lobby of the hotel, a bubbling brook leads out into the hotel grounds where it ends in a waterfall. There’s even a Yosemite style geyser that erupts every hour!

When you enter your room, the rustic look continues, with bedding, fixtures and furniture that all boast an old-fashioned, cabin style and look. I started to look around for items that would help me re-create the look of the Wilderness Lodge, and found some great stuff! It’s pretty simple to find companies that are designing furniture and fixtures that look almost exactly like the ones found at Wilderness Lodge – and I even got some great ideas that I didn’t see there, like this awesome canoe bookshelf! I even located the cut metal sconces featuring bears and moose, which were very much like the ones in our room.

I can’t wait to one day create my own cabin getaway, and use the DWL (as they call it in pro Disney speak) to be my design inspiration!

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

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