Eco-Friendly Rugs to Green-ify Your Home

Bamboo rug

I know, I know. Green-ify isn’t a real word. But it so perfectly describes my design aesthetic whenever I choose a new room to decorate in my house! I want to make sure that I am choosing products that are from sustainably harvested materials, are recycled, or reclaimed, or are just second-hand! There are so many pieces out there that look incredible, won’t use up more resources, and won’t leave a giant carbon footprint behind.

I love rugs. I love the way they tie a room together, and the way they can warm a space, both visually and literally! Some of the most gorgeous eco-friendly rugs are made from the most beautiful materials you can imagine – and they are often very affordable.

Bamboo is a material that seems to have no limits in its uses, and of course, is one of the most sustainable resources out there. So quite naturally, bamboo also provides the perfect material for rugs! Bamboo rugs are soft, durable, and not super expensive, so they won’t bust your budget. They come in lots of gorgeous simple earth tones, which are the easiest to fit into your existing decor. Also, they are easier to clean than a lot of other, more texturally complex rugs.

I would also recommend looking into materials like jute when rug shopping. Most rugs made from these organic materials are also made without any chemical processing, so you can feel confident about putting these kinds of rugs into a child’s bedroom or even the nursery.