Care and Cleaning of Persian Rugs

cleaning persian rugs

A Persian rug can make a great addition in any home, instantly creating a dynamic focal point in the room in which it is displayed. When maintained correctly, these rugs can serve a home for many years. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand the ins and outs of keeping the rug immaculately cleaned and cared for, in order to avoid discoloration and damage to the textile. Use the following tips to ensure keep your Persian rug in tip top condition.

Routine Maintenance
Keeping a rug looking great requires routine maintenance. Regularly vacuum the rug to pick up dirt and other debris, making certain to carefully clean both sides. The rug should also be shampooed regularly, with the cleaning intervals based on how heavy the foot traffic is in the room. When choosing a detergent, a mild soap or special rug cleanser will generally work best. Be certain to spot test the product on a small portion of the rug before immersing the entire rug.

Emergency Spot Treatments
Most rugs will encounter a spill as some point, making it essential for homeowners to know how to treat the issue. When a stain is treated immediately, there is a much greater chance that the rug will not be permanently damaged. Any liquid on the rug’s surface should be carefully blotted away before beginning treatment. If the liquid has permeated the rug’s fibers, the rug can be pressed gently to try to lift as much of the spill out of the rug as possible.

White vinegar and water makes a great solution for cleaning the spot and neutralizing the affected area. Some homeowners also add a small amount of detergent to their cleaning solution. The inclusion of vinegar will help to prevent the dyes from running together. If the stain is not lifted with this treatment, it may be necessary to consult a professional rug cleaning company.

If a portion of the rug tears, or the fringe begins to pull away from the body of the rug, it is essential to address the issue as quickly as possible. In most instances, an experienced rug weaver is the best professional to consult. Taking care of the problem before it is allowed to progress further will help minimize the chances of the rug being irreparably damaged.