What Is Mushroom Wood?

mushroom wood

Mushroom wood is growing in popularity among people looking for unique wood solutions for their home. Mushroom wood is generally cut from Cypress or Hemlock trees, and then salvaged from commercial growing mushroom farms. Most of these farms are in western New York and Pennsylvania. Mushroom wood is quite simply put, the wood used as the shelving for mushroom beds.

After every mushroom batch is fully harvested, the rooms and shelving are sterilized with steam. The preparation, growing and harvesting cycle takes about 16 weeks and is then repeated. During the growing process, the mushrooms produce an enzyme that fuses with the soft portion of the wood, leaving the material as if it had naturally weathered. The result of this is a richly textured wood with a lovely honey-brown color.

Mushroom wood makes excellent flooring and siding, and is often used as it is a reclaimed wood product.