Eco-Friendly Dog Bed

eco friendly dog bed

This snugly Eco-Friendly Dog Bed will have your dog asking for more sleep time because they’ll never want to leave. The Eco-Friendly Dog Bed is made of comfy polyester fleece or soft faux suede, with a tough 420 denier nylon packcloth base. The cushion is padded with SmartFill™ and is made from 100% recycled fiber. A great feature of this Eco-Friendly Dog Bed is that both the outer layer and cushion are odor and water resistant. This bed is also a smart buy, because you can replace the outer or inner cushion at any time, and bypass having to throw away and buy a whole new dog bed. Additionally, the bed is designed to be flipped inside-out to further extend its usable life! This is great for environment and for your wallet.