The Greener Way to Keep Lawns Green


Having a beautiful lawn and being eco-friendly at the same time is possible. Home owners who follow a few simple steps will be able to maintain the beautiful yard they desire with a minimal waste of water.

Collect Rain and Bath Water
Purchase at least one rain barrel. Place the rain barrel under your home’s gutters to collect the water run off from the rain. Fill a watering can to give your yard and plants the drink they need. Utilizing rainwater is the most environmentally friendly means of keeping your lawn and plants well hydrated.

Collect Your Bathing Water
This water will have soap in it which will act as a natural weed killer. Using your water for more than one purpose will help reduce water usage in your yard and home.

Reduce Over Watering
Most people over water their grass because they are unsure of how much water is really necessary. If you have pools of standing water or grass growing in your driveway, you are watering too much. Purchase a water moisture meter, it will provide statistics on how much water is truly needed and how much water you are currently providing to your lawn.
One option is to install an intelligent irrigation system. This type of system will inform you how much water is being provided by Mother Nature and how much water needs to be provided by watering. This irrigation system is programmed to provide the exact amount of water needed to keep your lawn looking lush while preserving our most valuable asset on Earth.

Time Your Watering
Only water in the evening or the cool parts of the day. This allows the water to seep in without being absorbed by the sun. If you water during the heat of the day, a great deal of water is wasted and will evaporate before reaching the lawn and plant roots. Timing the watering will result in less water waste and a lush looking lawn.