wooden patio furniture

Many types of wooden patio furniture can be left outside all year long. Wooden furniture if properly maintained can provide years of comfort no matter the season. Several varieties of wood are naturally resistance to rot, cracking or splintering caused by exposure to moisture. However, there are things that homeowners can do to enhance any woods natural resistance.

Redwood and cedar are two of the more popular woods used to make wooden patio furniture. Both redwood and cedar are considered renewable because of cedars fast growth and the replanting of redwoods, as the old growth is harvested. Both woods are naturally resistance, but both will provide even more years of service if treated with a water repellent sealer. Woods that are not native to the United States are also used for manufacturing wooden patio furniture. Two of the more common varieties are cambara and ipe or more commonly known as ironwood. Both can be treated with a water repellent.

To maintain the woods natural beauty a clear waterproofing sealant is recommended. The clear sealant protects while still allowing the natural grains and color to show. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how often the water repellent must be applied. The furniture must be clean and dry before applying the sealer. The sealer can be applied with a power sprayer, brush or roller.

Wooden patio furniture can also be painted to make it weather resistant and prolong its life. Furniture painted with a quality exterior paint can be left outside all year around, as well. How often the furniture must be painted depends on the quality of paint and weather conditions. Once the paint begins to peel or fade it is time for a new coat. For best results, the old coat of paint must be removed and a quality primer coat applied before painting the top coat.