Eco-Friendly Barbecue Ideas

eco bbq

If you already have a barbecue, you can go greener by choosing cleaner burning fuels. For charcoal grills, look for organic or natural lump brands. Liquid petroleum gas is a better alternative as it emits one hundred times less CO2 than the average charcoal briquette. Natural gas is just another energy-efficient solution.

Try to avoid exposure to toxic materials by using cast iron or stainless steel grills. These remain non-toxic at any temperature. If you’re thinking about buying a new grill, you have a few eco-friendly options available to you. Ceramic grills attain and maintain temperatures more efficiently than metal grills, which then reduces the total amount of energy used up during the cooking process. If you’re willing to spend a little more green to be more green, a worthwhile investment is an infrared grill.

Infrared grills use the least amount of energy. They heat quickly, decrease smoke emissions by up to 80% and use 50% gas.