Backyard Japanese Zen Design Ideas

Zen Garden Backyard

Are you looking for a more relaxing backyard design? Try designing a Japanese Zen garden in your backyard to ease your mind, and rid your stress while at home.

Zen gardens are known for their calm essence, and in the hectic world we live in, why not transform your backyard into a stress free paradise! Besides being beautiful, a Zen garden is a rather simple landscape design! A great way to start you design would be to get ahold of some nicely grained sand, and lay it throughout your yard. Next, I would look into purchasing some rakes, and see what kind you like best to create your lined patterns in the sand.

Zen Garden Home Idea

It would be a fantastic idea to add some larger rocks throughout the area. Rake in circular patterns around the rocks for a cool design. Put a terrace garden by a Japanese style room divider, and fill it with tranquility moss, some nice pebbles, and a pagoda styled fountain, to create the ultimate space for meditation and relaxation.

Release your stress, and escape from the chaotic world by designing a similar Japanese Zen garden in your backyard. Zen gardens do not take a lot of work, and the process will be fun, and extremely easy!

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