The 5 Best Organic Memory Foam Mattresses


For most of my life the biggest concern about my mattress was its comfort factor. A comfortable mattress is a great mattress, right? Then I started hearing about the chemicals used in making conventional mattresses. I don’t really want to sleep in a bed of formaldehyde, polyurethane, and various other chemicals. Some traditional memory foam mattresses, which are typically made of petroleum byproducts, even give off a chemical smell. So an organic memory foam mattresses seemed like the best fit for me. Here is a list of the top five.

5. Essentia Natural Memory Foam Mattress. Essentia memory foam is made of hevea milk which is completely VOC free. Hevea milk comes from the sap of a rubber tree. It is collected in Indonesia without child labor. Instead of petroleum oils Essentia uses essences of grapefruit, cone, and jasmine in the development of the latex. Other plant extracts are used for creating the right consistency. The mattress is odor free. The foam recovers quickly, meaning the mattress won’t develop permanent indentions if you typically lie in one position. Essentia offers a twenty year limited warranty.

4. 10 Inch Strata® Eco Layers 5 Memory Foam Mattress. Strata mattresses are designed for ergonomic support. Plant derivatives replace the chemicals used in manufacturing most memory foam mattresses. The mattresses are built using layers of foam instead of one solid piece. Strata claims this makes for a more responsive mattress. The mattress cover is made from bamboo.

3. Comfort Dreams Organic Cotton 10-inch Full-size Memory Foam Mattress. The Comfort Dreams mattress offers traditional memory foam wrapped in organic cotton. The memory foam resists dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial. Traditional memory foam is cheaper than organic, but wrapping it in organic cotton cuts down on the overall amount of chemicals used in manufacture and insures you will never handle the memory foam directly.

2. Comfort Gel Memory Foam Mattress. The Comfort Gel Memory Foam Mattress offers an organic memory foam mattress with a twist. The gel provides a temperature neutral mattress. Most memory foam, organic or otherwise, retains heat and some people dislike memory foam because of this. The gel in combination with the construction of this mattress dissipates heat. The mattress is built in layers and uses natural materials like bamboo. It comes with a twenty-five year warranty.

1. Aerus Natural 10” Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Mattress. The Aerus memory foam mattress uses plant based ingredients instead of petroleum in the foam and the mattress cover is made from bamboo. Aerus also uses innovative open cell technology to allow the mattress to breathe and reduces heat retention.