15 Rustic Loft Design Ideas

Rustic French Loft

When searching for ideas with your future loft designing plans, the internet is an excellent source of information. If it’s a more rustic look and feel that you’re going for, there are several different tricks and tips that can really add some  old-fashioned charm to your space. Some rustic loft design ideas can include anything from renovations in the walls, to building in a simple addition to your walls. The ending result is really up to you, but here we’ll cover some of the more innovative designs, when it comes to creating rustic decor that works.

Rustic French Loft

If your loft has some high ceilings, a staircase addition may be in order. Of course, this doesn’t need to lead out of the room. If the initial loft is high and wide enough, there should be some potential for building a nice little case of stairs that will lead to an overhanging. On this overhanging, a rail should be installed, and some personal additions can be added. Perhaps make the overhanging into a makeshift, guest bedroom? Or turn it into a neat little reading area, by installing a few bookshelves along the wall-side.

If it’s the less expensive, less renovation-oriented approach that you’re hoping for, then maybe just adding some wood flooring, wrought-iron lamps, and a glass coffee table will do the trick. Of course, placing is important, as well as research. If you’re hoping for a truly rustic loft, then looking into the furniture and accessory decor that goes along with that, is a vital step.

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