The New Trend of Rustic Modern Home Lighting

rustic modern hanging glass pendants

One of the most popular trends in home lighting is the rustic-modern look. To achieve this home design aesthetic, warm colors should be combined with lots of wood in a modern, clean environment without sacrificing comfort. These kind of fixtures could include old lanterns hung from light fixtures, mason jar lanterns, and handcrafted lamps with shades made of birch bark, or another type of bark that allows light to pass through whimsically, creating a comfortable and woodsy atmosphere.

modern hand blown glass lighting

Modern lighting that incorporates rustic elements is best complimented by furniture with clean lines and contemporary accessories. Leather furniture, exposed beams, and natural wood furniture are very popular design elements used to create the cream of the crop of this style of rooms. Not only is this particular style extremely versatile, it is timeless, stylish, and extremely comfortable. It is a great choice for the interior style of a small space, such as a studio apartment, as well as larger homes.

Rustic-Modern lighting and design allows you to bring a touch of the outdoors into your comfortable home, and gives you the chance to show what elements of nature best suit your personality. This sophisticated lighting and design style will bring charm and warmth to your space, no matter the size.

rustic modern steel light

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