MultiPot Table Lamp and Charger

multipot table lamp and charger

I don’t really know what is going on here. Let me try to explain: the MultiPot is a new type of lighting unit, created to offer high quality convenience for your home or office. It is a hybrid, multifunctional lamp that combines an LED ambient light, a multisocket, and a vase-shaped container for storing extra cables. The MultiPot organizes electric cables in a safe and practical way because the lid doubles as a five-way multisocket designed for standard plugs. You can place it next to your television to connect all additional equipment while using the LED to reduce eye-strain or you can place it next to your computer to provide both light and organization in a cable-free environment. The MultiPot Table Lamp and Charger can also be used for simple tasks such as charging your cell phone, digital camera, or ipod, or you can use it as a place to stash your keys. Phew….