How to Make a Rustic Antler Chandelier

antler chandelier

Rustic antler chandeliers make an impressive display of natural stately beauty. Constructed from trophies or a collection of deciduous horns that have been gathered from annual shedding, their many designs are the result of the quantity, quality and type of antlers that are available.

The antlers commonly used to make antler chandeliers come from whitetail deer, mule deer, elk velvet, moose, caribou and others. Taking into account the size of the room and the drop, or the ceiling height in relation to the where the chandelier is going to hang will have much to do with determining the design or construct.

Begin by assessing the antlers to be used. Using natural pieces, as opposed to castings or artificially replicated antlers, makes each rack unique. It takes some prearranging and walking around the layout to see what there is to work with before settling on a design. Ultimately, the basic construct will be like that of a conventional chandelier but with the stunning elements of protruding horn tips that are drilled to receive the light bulbs.

Deconstructing or reverse engineering an existing chandelier will provide an understanding of the how they are put together. Kits are available for constructing your own rustic antler chandeliers. Putting it all together will involve drilling into the horns to allow for wiring, lights and mounting them into the block that will support the superstructure. The horns are cleaned with oil soap and allowed to dry before applying a few layers of lacquer spray.

Wire is threaded through the pieces to electrify and hold antlers together, and modeling clay is used to level the bulbs. Finally, consider the weight of the finished piece and there should be no need for hesitation in getting a professional to help with anchoring and connecting it to the electrical source.