Examples of Ambient, Task and Accent Lighting

Ambient Lighting Apartments

One lighting fixture is not sufficient for any room. Different tasks and activities go on in each room, making it essential that you include a variety of lighting options to accommodate those activities. Basically, a room should have ambient, task and decorative or accent lighting included in its design.

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Ambient lighting includes recessed or ceiling mount lighting. Contemporary flush mount lighting designs are far more visually interesting than the mundane ceiling lights of years passed. You can find contemporary ceiling mount light designs that add a burst of energy to a room or those that feature amazing geometric designs.

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Task lighting is essential in a kitchen and bathroom. It is also a necessary form of lighting in a reading area, craft area or any location where a specific task is performed. Adjustable lights such as swing arm wall sconces, adjustable floor lamps or gooseneck desk lamps are popular forms of contemporary task lighting.

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Accent lighting or decorative lighting can be anything from track lights to small lamps used to illuminate wall art. Amazingly unique, contemporary style table lamps and floor lamps are a wonderful form of accent lighting. Both the lamp base and shade can contribute to the decor.