Facon De Venise Meripirs 8 Light Chandelier

They say home is where your heart is, but every day, modern man strives to weave his heart into his home. The intricacies of interior designing rest solely upon the fervent desire to make your home perfect. An almost quintessential requisite to add the serenity it takes to make your home shine from within is lighting. And not just any lighting will do – those who love design want PERFECTION.

All the colors and all the shades cannot make a wall look picturesque until you shed some light on it. Chandeliers have traditionally equipped us with a gorgeous and creative way to do just that. Almost universally, chandeliers have been used for centuries to lighten up decorative living halls or create an ambience in the bedroom.

The latest trend in this enlightening range of chandeliers is use of eco-friendly chandeliers. Environmental awareness has encouraged the implementation of recycled material in building aesthetically pleasing but at the same time ecological sensible chandeliers. Eco-friendly chandeliers are the new eye-candy for decorating your abode.

Façon de Venise is a style of glass that originated in the 16th and 17th century in Italy, made in the “Venetian fashion” – in fact that’s the literal translation of Facon de venise.

The Facon de Venise Meripirs 8 Light Chandelier is one such exquisite model. Designed by Peter Lunetta, the Meripirs 8 Light Chandelier shines out from the enticing array of products offered by Facon de Venise elevates the beauty of your home, be it a spacious living room or an indulging study chamber. Available in a variety of fantastic creative designs and colors, the chandelier can carry 8 incandescent (or fluorescent) lights fixed in metallic outlook.

With the sumptuous dimensions of 60×40 inch, the chandeliers come in a special colored rubber. Along with these basic features, the product comes with additional finishing embellishing the overall look of the product. The complete framework originates from recycled material making it highly cost-effective and keeping the planet safe at the same time. Rest assured, these chandeliers will definitely find an irrefutable and desirable place in your home!