Zen Your Workspace With These Design Tips

basic workspace design

Your workspace can be a source of stress, and it is worth your while to make sure that you keep things as calm as you can! Start by getting rid of all of the clutter. If the item does not have a function, it needs to go. The barren look is temporary, but it is important to clear out the detritus first.

Add decorative elements, but carefully. If you are going after a Zen aesthetic, you will also find that less is more. Look for things that you can hang up on the wall, and also make sure that you add elements with a monochrome style to them. The fewer colors you have to worry about, the more stark and lovely things will seem.

very simple workspace design

Think about adding a small plant. Choose your plant with care, as something that spreads and sprawls will be detrimental to the spare look you are trying to create. Instead, choose a plant like a dracaena, which is also known as a lucky bamboo. This plant can be kept in a small area and it grows delightfully upright, giving your office space a little more visual variety.

Take a moment to look around at your office space, there are many things that you can be doing to make it more relaxing for you.

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