Eco-Friendly Home Office Tips

home office eco

More and more people are working from home these days, and are putting together their home office to create a comfortable and quiet work space. When you are making decisions about what to buy for your home office, its a great opportunity to make eco-friendly choices. Desks, shelves and chairs can do more damage to the environment than simply using up energy and natural resources when they’re manufactured. They can also introduce toxic chemicals into the environment, both during their manufacture and after their disposal. Some of the top office furniture companies are aware of these issues, and have started to offer greener choices to the consumer.

At this time there are more choices than ever for choosing sustainable, environmentally-friendly home office furniture. Furniture and equipment that has been certified by third parties like BIFMA and SCS. With this growing number of environmentally conscious furniture manufacturers, you are sure to find something that fits your ergonomic, style and eco-minded needs. There are even more online shops that put their main focus on eco-friendly office and home furniture with options to fit any budget.

Another option is getting used furniture for your home office. Look for used office furniture on eBay, Craigslist or even at yard sales. Now is the time to start making eco-conscious decisions about your home.