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The word rustic carries with it several connotations. It may evoke thoughts of rich log cabins or a shabby chic country home. Whatever the case, it can be agreed that rustic apartment furniture are pieces with character, items that can almost tell a story all on their own. They’re a great way to add a level of depth and warmth to a living space that can be difficult to achieve with cold, modern tables and chairs.

Rustic Salvaged WoodCustom made wooden furniture can lend a rustic flavor to an apartment or home. Much depends on the way the furniture is made, and also on the wood from which it is made. Burl wood is well known for its knobby appearance and can make charming and eclectic chairs, tables, and bed frames. Knotty pine is also a commonly used wood in this type of adornment, because of its many idiosyncrasies.

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Another common element in rustic furniture is ironwork. Rocking chairs, garden tables and bed frames were often made from iron beginning in colonial times and extending all the way into the 1960’s. It’s easy to find some of these classic pieces at antique fairs and specialty stores throughout the country. Getting a rustic appearance in the home can be relatively simple when you know where to look.

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