What NOT To Compost

home composting

Composting is a fabulous thing to do, and is finally becoming a trendy urban thing to do, with major cities now introducing composting programs for people that may not have a backyard.

So what can you compost? Tons of things – from garden lawn clippings, to raked leaves, to organic kitchen waste like vegetable peelings and coffee grinds. You can even compost shredded paper and toenail clippings.

Of course, there are quite a few things that CANNOT be composted, and throwing these things in the compost pile can be a deadly hazard:

Don’t compost any dead plants that have died from being infected by a disease or infested by insects. Diseased plants can spread the disease to your entire compost pile, and make for a big pile of unhealthy garbage.

Don’t compost meat or bones or anything that might attract vermin or maggots while its composting. Your compost pile could quickly turn into the next secret of Nimh.

Animal waste is a no-no for compost piles, and that includes the human animal. Dirty diapers are not for the compost pile, and neither are the contents of your cat’s litter box.

Finally, be very wary when composting weeds you have pulled from your garden. Morning glory/bindweed, sheep sorrel, ivy, several kinds of grasses, and some other plants can re-grow from their roots and/or stems in your compost pile.