Home Composting for Apartment Dwellers

organic gardening composting

Living in an apartment building does not mean you can’t be environmentally friendly. Home composting is a great way to reduce waste, help the environment and increase your gardening potential. Many people believe that because they live in a small space they can’t have a home composting system. This is simply untrue. You can get in on this growing trend in eco-friendliness, regardless of where you live!

There are several options available to the apartment dweller. First, you should decide what kind of composting you are interested in. You may opt for the standard container compost, which consists of a bin of your choosing. You may choose a bin small enough for the counter top or you can hide it under a cupboard, in a closet or even on a balcony. The bin should have holes in it as well as a lid. Begin your compost bin by putting leaves, newspapers or soil in the bottom. You are then ready to add food scraps. After adding any scraps, you should mix it up with what is already in the bin to aerate it. Water should be added regularly to help break down the food and refuse.

Another option for apartment dwellers is vermicomposting. This option works best inside as it uses worms to help break down garbage. For vermicomposting, you can purchase a worm condo or as with the standard container compost you can build your own. Make sure whatever you choose has holes in it to allow for air circulation and drainage. Fill the bin with rich, damp soil and newspapers and place your worms inside, where they will burrow down and live off your food scraps creating vermicompost in about two to three months.

After you have your compost, use it for indoor gardens and enjoy the fruits of your labor or give it away to friends and family with garden. Whatever you decide, you are playing an active role in helping our environment.