Vertical Gardens and Living Walls

vertical garden living wall

Vertical gardens, or living walls, as they are also called, are becoming more popular by the minute! And why wouldn’t they?! What a marvelously green way to spruce up a blank wall, inside or out! Businesses are doing versions of living walls on a large scale, as you can see in this post at Chemically Green.

But how can you get or make your own vertical garden, and get plants on flowers growing on your walls?

There are companies, like Woolly Pocket, who sell modular pockets that attach to your walls, and grow all kinds of fabulous flowers and greenery. Wallys create an instant living wall. Just attach your system, then fill the Pockets with soil and full-sized plants.

Feeling more creative? There’s always a do-it-yourself answer!

Good luck with your new sustainable, eco-friendly vertical garden/living wall!