keeping your house warm in the winter

Heating costs can be a major problem for a variety of people in the winter. With the rising prices of gasoline and other methods of heating, it is important to understand how to maximize the heating efficiency of your home. There are many different methods available that you should consider and implement whenever possible.

* Install Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows are designed to absorb as much energy and heat as possible while letting out as little as possible. They are a little more expensive than normal windows but can trap heat in your home much more efficiently. Install these throughout your home to lower your heating bill every month.

* Use Green Insulation

Green insulation is designed to be as energy efficient and ecologically safe as possible. Remove the less efficient and wasteful insulation in your home and install this green installation. It will safely trap heat and energy between your walls without being wasteful. The installation costs will be offset by the money you save in your heating bill every month.

* South Facing Exposure

South facing exposure is the best way to absorb a lot of heat and energy into your home. This is because the south is the area that receives the most sun and heat in your home. Try to situate as many windows and rooms to the south as possible. If you can afford it, place solar panels here too. Use these solar panels to create heat in your home in an efficient and safe manner.

* Tree Insulation

Planting trees around your home is another efficient and beautiful way to keep heat in your home. Trees help blocks wind from blowing against your house. Blowing wind can cause your home to cool down and lose heat much more quickly. Trees also create a natural insulation that traps escaping heat and keeps it around your home.

* Change Thermostat Position

Thermostats help regulate the heat in your home but are inefficient in that they will activate based on their temperature, not the temperature of the rest of the home. This is why it is important to locate your thermostat in a position that isn’t too cold or warm. Storing it near a heater will cause it to warm up a lot quicker and turn off much more quickly.

Many of these methods require expensive installation costs. However, these methods are permanent and will keep your home warm for years.