How To Remove Wax From Wood

Candle Wax on wood

One of the most common and unfortunate consequences of having candles is that you will often be faced with spilled wax. The only way to completely avoid that happening is by not ever using candles or by using fake candles that use bulbs instead of flame. If you are anything like me, however, you want the real thing. Nothing beats the ambient light, and wonderful smells associated with real, wax candles.

Let’s assume that you arrived here because you accidentally spilled some candle wax on a piece of wooden furniture, and you are hoping there’s a solution that will work. There are two possible solutions in fact! The cold method, and the hot method.

For the cold method, fill a well-sealed plastic bag with ice cubes and apply it to the wax until it is completely hardened, then use a plastic card or dull knife to scrape gently at the hardened wax until its gone. But be careful that you don’t damage the wood!

If the wood is more textured, with grooves or natural knots, you may need to try the hot method. For that, you’ll need to heat the wax with a hair dryer until it re-liquifies. Have a soft cloth ready and start gently wiping away at the melted wax until most of the wax has been cleaned off. You can then use a one part vinegar, one part water solution on the wood to clear up any remaining wax bits.

To avoid these issues altogether, you might consider getting some decorative candle trays to place under your candles when placing them on wooden furniture.