Gorgeous Examples of Zen Home Design

Zen Designs

A home is one’s paradise. Zen home design combines architecture and therapeutic design to promote tranquility. Use of open ventilated spaces, curvature design, and fine wood materials changes the dynamics of your house. The idea is to mix the outdoors with the indoors. By simplifying the design of your house with zen architecture, you exhibit the essence of nature and do away with chaotic clutter.

Zen Home Interiors

Colors can promote comfort and relaxation in subtle ways. By changing the color displayed in a room you can drastically change the attitude or mood the room would project. Avoid reds which stimulates physical energy. Go more with blue or indigo hues to stimulate relaxation, calmness, and peace. Colors closer to red on the spectrum invokes energy and those closer to blue invokes peace. Green – being right in-between, promoting balance and harmony.

Adding a sense of nature to your home will add a zen effect immediately. For instance, a Zen garden – a miniature sandbox with miniature rake – creates a sort of serenity to a room when added to a tabletop. An indoor water fountain produces the soothing sounds of a running brook, which will aid in relaxation and sleeping. Plants are another excellent choice to promote a zen-like atmosphere in your home. Collect Bonsai plants and place them in elevated spots around you home will give the impression of being under a canopy. That – coupled with the sounds of running water – brings the feel of a rainforest indoors.

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