Eco-Friendly Plant and Lawn Watering

backyard eco garden

Water use can often increase up to 50% during the summer months, and a large part of that number is due to watering plants and lawns!

Some of the things you can do to reduce the amount of water you use is to water your plants in the morning when its cooler, so water loss through evaporation is far less.

Sprinklers can spread water unevenly, so check around the garden to determine what the moisture levels are around your lawn. Also, soaker hoses can be attached to a spigot to distribute water more efficiently than sprinklers.

Consider filling your garden with water-wise plants instead of exotics. Use local flora to beautify your garden. It’s more natural, and it will save water.

Consider an investment in a rain barrel. That way, you aren’t using tap water to water your plants. Rain water collection is a great way to be more green in your garden.