Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Tips

eco lawn care

Green lawns beautiful but the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides is not good for the environment. Fortunately you don’t need these things in order to have a nice looking lawn. These eco-friendly lawn care tips do not include the use of weed or pest controls and will have your lawn looking amazing.

Rake your lawn early with a fan rake. The result should be that the grass blades are standing uprightand any debris has been removed.

Use a good quality fertilizer that is high in nitrogen (20-28%). Try to look for a fertilizer with a time-release nitrogen ingredient that will keep working long after being spread.

When cutting the lawn keep in mind that the blades should be kept at 2 1/2 – 3 inches high. Cutting the lawn too short is probably the most common mistake made by home owners. By keeping grass longer it becomes more resistant to burning, drought, insects and disease.

Instead of bagging those grass clippings, have the mulching mower return those clippings back to the roots of the lawn. You don’t want the abundance of nitrogen in those grass clippings to go to waste.