If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you’re not home much, or simply don’t really have the patience to take care of plants, feel comforted in the fact that you still can own house plants. There are numerous types of house plants that are extremely easy to care for. In fact, some of them are downright impossible to kill. Many require very little sunlight and don’t need to be watered much, making them perfect for those of us who don’t really want to spend all day and night caring for our houseplants. Let’s talk about five house plants that are very easy to care for.

The Snake Plant, otherwise known at Mother-In-Law’s-Tongue, is a visually stunning plant as it has tall, upright leaves that can grow up to four feet tall. It requires a good deal of indirect light, but you can get away with watering it only about once a week or even every ten or so days.

Spider Plants are also easy plants to care for as they do not require direct sunlight, but sufficient indirect sunlight. These plants have long leaves that resemble blades of grass or a spider’s legs, hence the name. Keep the soil moist and drained well and that is pretty much it for this hearty plant.

Ivy is easy to care as it requires little water and very low light. It will pretty much grow anywhere, so no need to find the perfect spot in the sun for it. Ivy looks beautiful trailing from hanging baskets and it can adapt to almost any environment. Some people use it to decorate shelves as its vines grow very long and pretty. Some common types of ivy include Irish Ivy, Persian Ivy, Algerian Ivy, and English Ivy.

Another houseplant that requires little care is the Wax Plant. This plant looks great in hanging baskets and it has thick, green leaves that are sometimes speckled with white. The Wax Plant needs more direct sunlight than the other plants we have mentioned, but is still very easy to care for. If it gets enough light, it may produce white or pink sweet-smelling, star-shaped flowers.

Arguably the simplest houseplant to grow is Pothos. It features long-growing vines full of beautiful heart-shaped, pointy leaves that can be variegated in white or yellow. This plant requires little water. In fact, you can get away with watering it a couple times a month. Three varieties of Pothos include Marble Queen, Golden, and Tri-color. It is very easy to produce other Pothos plants by simply sticking a cutting of the plant in a cup of water. When the roots start to grow, plant the new plant in a pot with some nice, fertile potting soil.