4 Reasons to Renovate Your Basement

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With the housing market in a rather delicate state, many people are sticking with their lot. This doesn’t mean that there’s any reason you can’t upgrade to a larger home. Rather than uprooting and moving out, consider renovating your current abode to add always desired extra space and a new feature to your place. Now is the time to put those long-term renovation and grand design dreams into play.

Thanks to fewer planning restrictions, people are beginning to look at where they can utilize space in their homes. One place often overlooked as merely a storage room is finally receiving some attention as useable space – the basement. If you have room underneath your house, there are plenty of benefits to be gained from revamping your basement. After all, do old golf clubs, unwanted clothes, broken toys, odd paint pots and that violin that you said you’d “definitely learn to play” really deserve a floor to themselves? With some necessary waterproofing and clever design choices, your basement could become your homes best feature. Here are four good reasons why renovating your downstairs room should be your next home project.

Living Space Basement Remodel


If you’re looking for extra space in your house, the basement is a great place to find it. Rather than cutting into valuable garden space with an extension out the back, utilize the already existent space underfoot to enlarge your living space. Initial outlay can be a problem, but thanks to fewer planning restrictions, extending and redesigning your basement can be a relatively straightforward process. Of course, basement waterproofing is a must and the option of sump pumps should be considered as a guarantee of keeping things dry.


When we say storage we don’t mean all the accrued junk you have. We mean clever design ideas: finding extra cupboard space, utilizing crawl spaces, and the novel idea of using storage as display. Maybe your comic book collection got a little out of hand over the past twenty years’, or perhaps your career as an amateur athlete has left you with a burgeoning trophy collection. There’s no need to throw these away or hide then; instead use the extra basement space to tell the world you’ve completed a marathon or that you’re Batman’s biggest fan in the most space saving way possible. Clever storage design can give you enough room to house all of your prized collections, while making room for additional furniture and floor space.


Some people might be tempted to make the basement the guest bedroom. However, with its close proximity to a home’s utilities, your basement space could alternatively be used as a space for entertaining. Here is where the fun benefits can be reaped from renovation. From games rooms to basement cinemas, purpose-built banquet rooms to home gyms, there are myriad uses for a basement conversion – you could even theme the basement, making it into a man cave, or a family-oriented cabin-like room – check out this rustic furniture for ideas. But whatever you do decide, keep the future in mind. For instance, that light-up dance floor may not seem like such a good idea when you come to sell.


The simple fact is that basement conversions are not the cheapest of renovations to undertake. But if you’re not looking to sell anytime soon, then the benefits can be quantified in ways other than simply monetary gains on a property’s worth.

A basement adds an extra dimension to any home. Whether as a cinema room, family area or just extra space for entertaining guests, all add to the value of your home. Besides, even a large outlay can be recouped when, or if, you decide to sell, as basements can add as much as 20 to 30 per cent to the value of your home.

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