Making Your Home Safer For Kids with Asthma

asthma kids home cleaning

Having a child or children with asthma can present a challenge. It requires trying to avoid household triggers as well as making changes within the home to make it safe for those with asthma. Luckily, there are ways to make your home asthma safe. Simple changes can have a huge impact and make your home safer for your child.

When I was presented with this challenge, the first thing I did was determine all asthma triggers in my home and I did my best to eliminate them. These triggers included mold, dust, pollen and smoke. Other things that can irritate those with asthma are household cleaners and aerosol sprays, which are also not very good for the environment. In order to remove these from a home, changes have to be made. In order to remove mold I had to keep the home as dry as possible. A dehumidifier is a great way to do so as well as cleaning any visible signs of mold. Also, do not be afraid to turn on the air conditioning. It filters the air and makes it clean and fresh.

Next, I did a thorough cleaning of my home. Vacuuming regularly and removing any dust is a great way to keep the home clean and safe. Not only is it good for those with asthma but it benefits those who always have the occasional sniffles as well.

A more costly yet very effective way I made my home asthma safe is by removing all wall-to-wall carpeting. Carpet collects so much dust. Replace carpet with beautiful bamboo or cork floors. Not only will it reduce the amount of dust but it will also make every room look amazing.

Overall, making a home safe for children with asthma is easy. A few simple changes can make a huge difference. Get out the cleaning products and let the cleaning begin!