How Do Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Work?


Anyone that has kids can testify to the fact that they often go crazy with crayons, markers, and the sort – writing on walls and every other surface imaginable. Well, for the last couple of years, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have been around to clean up the mess, but how do they work? The little known secret behind the magic of Mr. Clean Magic erasers is a material commonly called melamine foam. Add a little water, and you can be rid of all types of stains around the house. Stains that other products can’t clean.

The technical name for the foam is called Formaldehyde-Melamine-Sodium bisulfite copolymer, and it has mild abrasive properties that are able to clean stains but not strip the surface that you are cleaning. Because this material is a foam product, it tends to take the shape of whatever you are cleaning. For instance, molding on the wall, the pores on your refrigerator door handle, and the grooves in grout.

This product is considered to be a non toxic product, and the only health hazard the federal government recognizes with them is ingestion. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers can be used time and time again, however with each use the foam pad wears down a little, so they do not have unlimited usage. If the foam reacts with the surface that is being cleaned, it may leave a residue. This inconvenience is easily remedied, just wipe away the residue off of the surface with a little water.

Even though the foam appears to be, and feels soft, the fibers that are inside are very strong, and work much like a fine sandpaper would. This is the secret to how Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work.