Getting Rid of Ants the Eco Friendly Way


Spring and summer are the favorite months of ants. These are common household pests that can multiply in large numbers and be a serious threat to your home. Ants are drawn in by the warmth of the home as well as any type of food that may be laying around. There are numerous ways to get rid of ants in an Eco friendly manner. This not only saves you money but they are also considered greatly effective. The following natural ways to get rid of ants have worked for me understandably.

Wiping lavender scented organic hand soap on the walls will stop any ants inside the ceiling from coming out. This soapy scent is what keeps them away, so use it on walls where you know ants will appear. If you know the ants entry way into your home, put bay leaves and cucumber slices around the holes or door. This method worked tremendously well for me, and stopped ants from coming up under the floor boards or the screen door. Other alternatives to this would be to put out cloves, cinnamon, or coffee grounds mixed with lemon juice. These foods have rich smells that ants find repulsive and it will drive their little army away.

Boric acid and vinegar are also completely Eco friendly and natural ways to get rid of the little pests. Use a spray bottle and spray the mixture on the walls around the ants point of entry. Mixing these two together is completely safe and nontoxic for humans and pets. As a last resort, I have poured baby powder on the ants usual trail into the house. This is a substance that will keep ants from coming in for good, so use it daily until late into the summer months. Getting rid of ants in organic ways is very affordable and saves you time and money from buying toxic products or requesting the help of an exterminator.