Eco-Friendly Roof Insulation

wool insulation

Roof insulation can reduce heating cost by about 13%, which will save you money and greenhouse gas emissions. A well insulated roof can also substantially contribute to keeping your house cooler during the warmer summer months.

Here are some environmentally friendly roof insulation options:

Recycled Cellulose Fiber
Recycled cellulose fiber is made from newspaper and other paper products. It is somewhat more expensive, but it has far better insulation quality than many of the other options. The insulation is treated to make it fire retardant.

Recycled Denim

Another insulation option is denim and cotton waste. In most of these products, the recycled content is around the 80% mark. Like recycled cellulose, the denim is treated with boric acid to give it fire retardant properties and repel vermin.

Sheep’s Wool Insulation

Wool insulation is considered one of the best, but most expensive, insulation options. Borax may be used in wool insulation to discourage moths.